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‘I still forget you’re still alive’: Elon Musk responds to Bernie Sanders’ demand to raise taxes on the ‘very rich’


November 14, 2021 22:19 GMT

“I only have stock, so the only way to pay taxes in person is to sell stock,” the Tesla and SpaceX chief said in a November 6 tweet.

Elon Musk, the man richer From the Planet, this Sunday a controversial response to a tweet By Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders The politician demanded that “extremely wealthy” American citizens pay fair and proportional taxes.

I keep forgetting that you’re still alive“, books musk. “Do you want me to sell more shares, Bernie? Just say that…”.

in a tweet On November 6, Musk claimed that he does not receive any salaries or cash bonuses from any of his companies.

“I only have stakes, so the only way to pay taxes in person is to sell stockThe head of Tesla and SpaceX wrote.

according to Report From the US Treasury, nearly 1% of the country’s wealthy would evade 163 billion dollars in taxes per year.

according to Report From ProPublica, billionaires like Musk himself or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Little or no taxes Compared to the great heritage they store.

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