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How much money did Tom Brady make from the Patriots and what is his net worth?

The day is getting closer and closer Tom Brady He returns to his old home. Now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback returns to Foxborough on Sunday To face the New England Patriots, the team that made them an NFL legend, at Gillette Stadium.

in 2020, Brady caused all followers patriots They were shocked when he announced that he was bidding farewell to that institution which saw him earn six Super Bowl Champion rings, after 20 seasons he was on the team led by Bill Belichick.

Just Months after saying farewell to New England, the veteran midfielder struck a deal with Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnd in less than 12 months he was crowned with the Bruce Arians group.

How much was Tom Brady made in New England?

But after 20 seasons with the Patriots, you might be wondering how much money Brady made with the Boston team? According to Forbes, Brady’s earnings during his time with Bates amounted to about 350 million dollars.

These earnings include your paycheck to the Belichick team, The same amount was 235 million dollars, including rewards for achievements with the Foundation, in particular the six Hero Rings.

The average salary in his last contract with the Massachusetts organization was $23 million, ranking him 13th among NFL quarterbacks. From the 2019 season, he’s behind Alex Smith in Washington and ahead of Denver’s Joe Flacco.

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