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House approves President Biden’s social and environmental spending package | Univision Politics News

The House of Representatives finally approved the petition Social and Environmental Democrats Bill Friday morning, after he was forced to put on hold his original plan to proceed Thursday night due to the delay of Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s gambit.

Shortly before the vote closed, when it was clear that the Democrats had secured approval for the bill, the caucus exploded with applause before the Republicans’ silent gaze.

Later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the final result: 220 votes in favor and 213 against. No Republican voted and Democrat Jared Golden of Maine joined the minority in rejecting the bill, a pillar of President Biden’s policy.

Golden argued before the vote on his Twitter account that “this version of the law Rebuild better It’s not the best offer for my constituents…I will continue to push for changes…until it lives up to its goals and offers the best possible treatment to the people I represent.”

The project was baptized in the name of “Rebuilding Together” (“Building Back Together”), About 2 trillion dollars (trillions), addressing health care, education, climate change, immigration and tax laws, the final consideration of which relied on the CBO’s release of a report showing whether it’s paying itself or will burden the deficit.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer called the bill a “transformational law” for the changes they expect to bring to the state’s welfare network.

“This bill will speak for itself in front of millions and millions and millions of Americans whose lives will be safer and richer in quality of life, their educational opportunities will be greater, and their employment prospects will greatly improve. America’s competitiveness in the world will increase in the twenty-first century.”

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Although they are considered the most ambitious changes in more than half a century, what the project has in mind is much less than suggested by President Biden at the start of his administration, who, in the process of negotiating with his Democratic counterparts, had to reduce the scope and cost of the plan.

President Biden issued a statement saying, “Another huge step forward has been made in implementing my economic plan to create jobs, cut costs, make our country more competitive, and give workers and the middle class a fighting chance.”

McCarthy’s Marathon Speech

On Thursday afternoon, the House began its final debate on the legislation after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it would produce An additional federal deficit totaling $367 billion over the next decade.

The debate that followed the passage of the law was scheduled to be fast and last no more than an hour, but it ended until 5:00 a.m., due to McCarthy’s marathon speech, in which he attacked not only the legislation, but also the Biden administration, making jokes about the story and mocking the Democrats, and they would sometimes scream.

“I know some of you are angry with me, you think I talked too long,” he said, sarcastically to Democrats. “But I had enough. I had had enough of America.”

Democrats booed and yelled intermittently as McCarthy stared at them again, underscoring the partisan animosity that had deepened with This week’s censorship on Representative Paul GosarR-Arizona, for threatening him in tweets directed at Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York.

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Finally, the session was suspended around 5:00 AM on Friday and representatives were called at 8:00 AM on Friday to begin the final voting.

The law goes to the Senate

With House approval, the bill will be sent to the Senate, ending, albeit for now, the most famous battle between progressives and moderate Democrats over its costs and policies. It would also help Biden move closer to winning more of his national priorities at a time when public approval is faltering so badly.

“Building back better is a fascinating agenda for the future, with transformative actions in healthcare, family care and climate,” said the Speaker. Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, in a letter to colleagues, using the name Biden provided for the legislation. He said the move would “make a huge difference in the lives of millions of Americans.”

Biden and other Democratic leaders have said the project will be paid for, in large part by increases in Taxes for large corporations And rich companies doing business abroad.

Biden signed a trillion-dollar infrastructure package this week, which he’s spent the past few days promoting across the country. But it has been affected recently by lower approval numbers in opinion polls, reflecting voter concerns about inflation, supply chain delays and the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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