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Gretel Valdez suffers amputation of part of a finger: this is known about her health | Famous

Hours earlier, the same actress had posted a photo in her Instagram stories in which one of her hands was observed being sent to her, in which she appears to be wearing a hospital gown.

This is known about the health status of Grettell Valdez

As of Thursday morning, the 45-year-old actress had not yet told how she got out of the operation she was forced to undergo. Virus detected. Which, if left untreated, can lead to cancer on his finger, he said.

“What I do know is that by performing this procedure, You’ll be fine, out of dangerThe announcer is of Argentine descent.

“One You have to stick to what the doctors say And you want to be healthy,” he adds, “you go to the last consequences as anyone who wants to live.”

Also, according to the singer, the actress’s doctors warned her that if she wanted to “be free from danger” she had to enter the operating room for this medical procedure: “She has to do it,” said the actor.

Gretel Valdez’s ex-husband reveals how her son faces health risks to the actress

It was also shared by Patricio Borgetti, who was married to Gretel Valdez from 2004 to 2011 How is Santino, their common son, given the actress’ health condition.

“A few years ago I actually went through something similar and the issue was resolved, based on this background, We are all very calm Borghetti assured that everything will end well.”

What does Gretel Valdez own?

On January 10, the actress from you had to counted in today What happened until his doctors decided to amputate part of his left thumb.

“I recently went for a check-up and he (the doctor) told me: ‘There’s a small piece that I don’t like, I’m going to remove it and send it for a biopsy.’ The doctor arrives and says I won’t operate on you.”

“tell me In a week it expandedIn light of this, she underwent various studies to see if the cancer that was diagnosed almost 5 years ago on the same finger has returned.

Fortunately, he said the medical team told him there was no cancer, but that there was an underlying risk: “It’s a virus, it’s a wart inside, a stretch, that virus goes into cancer.”

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