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Gregorio Bernia and his daughter Luna were crowned heroines of Así se baila; This they will do with the prize

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after passing “MasterChef Celebrity Colombia”, The competition in which you were a finalist but were not the winner, Gregorio Bernia went to try his luck in the United States with him “So you dance”, the reality shows that Telemundo produced for its international signals, with the difference that this time things worked out for him With his daughter Luna, he won first place.

It all happened on the night of last Sunday, December 5, when the last episode of season one of reality show Where Latin music, as well as celebrities, was the hero in every show and choreography.

Moreover, according to Cucuteño’s representative, “So You Dance” was a unique opportunity that allowed him to re-emphasize in himself core values ​​such as “love, solidarity, responsibility and respect”.

“Every day we gave it our all and the more we advanced in the competition the greater our challenges were to improve, resulting in the synchronization between me and Luna, not only on the dance floor but in our father-daughter relationship. I am proud of the family that God has given me: supportive Unified and dedicated, Gregorio Bernia said on his Instagram that without the support of Erika (his wife) and my children, we would not have achieved this feat.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to state that it was “a very difficult competition, but at the same time fun and exhilarating”, The reason why he sent his special acknowledgment to all the participants who did their best, “always with respect and friendship.”

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Finally, the guy remembered thanks to his performance in “mariachi daughter” And “Detective and Victor”Thank you Telemundo Productions and of course the loyal following community who supported them in every episode with the votes that won the grand prize.

But Gregorio was not the only one who used his social networks to express himself after the program, because his daughter did the same on her Instagram account and with his message he recalled part of the challenges he accepted by practicing a dance competition that was meant for both of them. for them.

Each one, with their strengths and weaknesses, gave everything on the right track. The reward for winning this award is your love. I dedicate this victory to you, who have decided to give us your vote of confidence from day one. I will never tire of saying thank you. I love you. And I bless you every day. I wish to be able to celebrate with each one of you who became the most important juror for us as we passed through “Así se baila.” Thank you to my family, my parents, my brothers, my grandparents, my uncles and all of my friends for so much love. I cannot explain the joy And the pride I feel for my father. The best gift he can give me is that he started this project 4 months ago with great enthusiasm and a desire to learn”, added Luna del Mar Berna.

Reactions from friends and followers were immediate, and among the figures who highlight their comments are Carmen Villalobos, Elianes Garrido, Betty Camacho and Juan Pablo Lano, who are leading the last of these days International Program: Fire Challenge.

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As for the prize money, through the dynamism of social networks by Gregorio Pernía, the reality show, asserted that if he won it, I would like to donate a portion to the less fortunateWhere she warns that it is part of a family custom.

He added about the large amount that Telemundo will hand over to the winning couple and that, as announced at the beginning of the competition, it will be $200,000, which is equivalent to approximately 777 million Colombian pesos at today’s exchange rate.

In addition, the 51-year-old actress concluded at the time that part of the strategy for the engagement with the youngest of 15, was to start gaining recognition on international television, thus opening the doors to the future, which will certainly also be achieved.

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