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France and Belgium qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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There are already six secret World Cup Qatar 2022Since this Saturday, France And Belgium They registered their tickets, while Holland stayed in we’ll see being restricted the black Mountain.

the Actual The world champion may seek to ratify his titleAfter an immersive this Saturday, Kazakhstan Thanks poker Kylian Mbappe.

France Tied his fourth win, He scored 15 points in the fourth set Thanks for winning against Kazakhstan. Mbappe with four goals, In addition to the double of Karina Benzema, simpler goals than Antoine Griezmann And Adrien Rabiot They put him on his way to victory.

Belgium, for this part, beat Estonia 3-1 The other ticket was signed; for his part, The Netherlands won 2-0 to Montenegro and They were tied up at the last minute.

The Belgians with goals from Christian BentekeAnd Yannick Carrasco And Thorne Hazard They sealed their statement and They remained at the top of Group E with 19 points.

Which teams are already eligible for Qatar 2022?

So far, the host Qatar, Plus GermanyAnd DenmarkAnd BrazilAnd Belgium And France, she Representatives who have already received their ticket to me World Cup 2022.

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