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Federal judge says congressional committee can access Trump documents related to Capitol theft | Univision Politics News

These are records from the national archives which include Calls and draft comments and speeches before, during and after He mobilized Trump supporters who took control of the US Congress. There are also handwritten notes from Mark Meadows, Trump’s then chief of staff.

Similarly, there are copies of the then press secretary’s talking points Kylie McEnany And “a draft executive order on the issue of election integrity,” according to the reasoning of the judge who issued her opinion on Tuesday night.

Consequently, the district judge in question, Tanya Chutkan, declined to issue a preliminary injunction requested by Trump’s lawyers. Schutkan said only President Joe Biden can decide whether to waive executive privilege on previously requested documents Parliament.

Judge Schutkan says, “Presidents are not kings.”

Echoing the language used by fellow human rights lawyer Kitangi B. Jackson in 2019 to reject Trump’s request to dismiss a congressional subpoena seeking testimony from his White House attorney, Donald McGahn, Judge Chutkan said in her ruling that ” Presidents are not kings and the prosecutor (Trump) is not the president.”

in the background, This is a dispute between a former president and the current president‘, reads in document Signed by Chutkan. “And the Supreme Court has already made it clear that in such circumstances more weight is given to the opinion of the incumbent.”

The National Archives said it would release the records on Friday in the absence of a court order preventing them. Minutes after the announcement of the Schotkan order, Trump has given notice that he will try to impose a new blockade before the Court of Appeals District of Columbia. It is likely that the case will eventually reach Supreme court.

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House Democrats are investigating Trump’s communications and activities before, during and after his supporters’ uprising that left at least five people dead and forced the evacuation of Congress when it met to ratify the results of the 2020 presidential election, won by Joe Biden.

The judge said she would not look at Trump’s documents in the document and would not question the Biden administration’s decision to make it available to Congress. He also noted that although the commission had made many requests, it “does not go beyond” its legislative authority.

The investigation seeks to find out the origin of the attack on the Capitol building

The House of Representatives committee was formed to investigate the circumstances of the rebellion in which the supporters of the former president sought Reverse their defeat in the 2020 elections. Trump repeatedly attacked the commission’s work and continued to promote unfounded conspiracy theories about voter fraud that did not exist.

File a lawsuit to prevent the National Archives from releasing the documents, Trump He described the House’s request as a “disturbing and illegal fishing expedition” It was “devoid of any legitimate legislative purpose”. Trump’s lawyers argued that allowing the House of Representatives access to its records would harm the executive privilege of future presidents.

Chutkan added, “The public interest lies in allowing, not preventing, the common will of the legislative and executive powers. To study the events that occurred on January 6 and consider legislation to prevent such events from happening again.”

“I look forward to receiving this information,” Thompson said. “I hope our investigators will pass a fine-tooth comb to make sure that our government is not armed against its own citizens.”

The House committee investigating the Capitol theft also issued subpoenas for at least 20 close Trump aides, Including former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows and his adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

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