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FARC Ingrid Betancourt: US orders FARC to pay $36 million for kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt | international

Judge Matthew Bran of the Central District Court of Pennsylvania in the United States accepted the suit brought by Lawrence Deloy, son of AnnaNagrid BetancourtAnd Who as a US citizen He sued the FARC for kidnapping his mother.

In a memorandum recently filed with the court, Deloy alleged that “Fark kidnapped and tortured his mother, behavior in violation of criminal law.”. As Deloy claims, “The FARC did To intimidate and coerce governments into releasing FARC members·. In addition, he says, FARC kidnapped his mother outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

Therefore, he sued under the ATA Anti-Terrorism Act. before that, The judge ordered the former armed group to pay $36 million in damages Having remained in captivity for more than six years, Betancourt.

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the DrAmanda includes the names of 14 members of the organization, including a number of leaders of the FARC defectorsLike Evan Marques. The question remains how this lawsuit will be paid to the Betancourt family and where the money will come from?

According to the note, Delloye originally requested $12 million before fees are tripled and attorney fees.

In his statement, Deloy witnesses how the kidnapping “destroyed his sense of confidence, his confidence in life and in others, Their ability to show affection and receive love is undermined, psychological torture and emotional abandonment are caused by their mother’s absence.”

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