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Fabulous! Bride Removed From Wedding Because She Looks ‘Too Good’ in Her Dress (Video)

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Alina Yildiz, the 21-year-old model, revealed on TikTok that she was pulled from the wedding at the last minute after the bride noticed that she looked very good in the dress. “My best friend didn’t invite me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress she chose for me,” she wrote as the title of the video. However, Yildiz said that she took multiple photos with the dress because she was no longer invited to the wedding, and explained in a follow-up video that she sent a clip of her in the stunning dress to the bride but to the future bride. He said it was “very glamorous”.

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“He called me and told me about his insecurity with my dress; which was attracting so much attention. She was so pissed off about the whole situation and ended up calling me after the call. We fought because it didn’t make sense to me because she chose that dress herself.”

The wedding took place last week and Yildiz said other bridesmaids were asked to order the same dress, but they weren’t sure why they chose it. After TikTok went viral, Yildiz said that she and her friend kept arguing.

“We talked about her wedding for years and I was so happy that my girlfriend was finally with the love of her life and celebrated with her. Another woman’s beauty doesn’t make your beauty fade away, and I hope more people understand and be self-confident.”

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Here is the video:

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