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Elections in Barinas: Chavez’s cradle repeats elections after opposition’s victory annulled | international

Jorge Arreaza, former foreign minister and former minister and candidate for governor of Barinas, Venezuela, on Sunday during Election Day.Leonardo Fernandez Viloria (Reuters)

More than 25,000 Venezuelan soldiers were deployed on Sunday to the state of Barinas, the stronghold of the late President Hugo Chavez’s family, to guard the elections in which the next governor will be elected. It is the re-election held in November and What did the opposition win?. Supreme court Victory canceled Freddy Soberlano, the opposition candidate who for the first time in 20 years occupied Chávez’s fief.

Unlike the regional elections on November 21, polling stations in this new election were fixed on schedule, and turnout increased, according to the opposition Democratic Unity Table in a press conference. MUD supports registered candidate Sergio Garrido to attend the Superlano Elimination after his victory. This time the candidate for Chavista is Jorge Arizaa former foreign minister and minister, is very close to Maduro and was married to one of Hugo Chávez’s daughters.

The number of voters who voted as of noon on Sunday doubled that number at the same time in the original election. Participation was 40% at midday, double last November’s level. This speaks of civic action by the Parenians to enforce their will, said Simon Martins, of the Opposition Campaign Command, a bill for voters who felt cheated when Freddy Suberlano was not declared governor.

The new vote in this plains region, 500 kilometers from Caracas, has become a national issue. Despite the military environment and the government’s waste of resources to win at any cost this second chance, the opposition challenged Chavismo.

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The one who was defeated in November was Argenes Chávez, brother of the former president and part of the dynasty that ruled this country for two decades. Chávez was running for re-election and resigned after the Supreme Court suspended vote counting and ordered a re-run. He also refused to be a candidate.

The government of Nicolás Maduro has put upon himself all the responsibilities of the defeat that has a national reading, as it expresses the level of disapproval that exists in Venezuela for Chavezmo and Maduro, with less than 15% approval and a growing drop in the number of votes.

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For Barinas, as a political symbol, Chavismo decided to abandon the small achievements of the past year in negotiations with the opposition to find a way out of the long Venezuelan political crisis.

In the November elections, the presence of the European Union Election Observation Mission was verified, something that has not happened in 15 years, although it was expelled after submitting an initial report on the electoral process in which they denounced several irregularities. This was one of the concessions Maduro made to his opponents to agree to run again in the elections, having abstained from voting as a boycott in recent years.

As for the opposition, Elections in Barinas also became a common goalAmid disagreements in the leadership support platform Juan Guaido. National leaders from various opposition parties joined the campaign of Barroso, the candidate in Barinas, who claims to have deployed representatives to all tables and prepare to emerge victorious in the process despite adverse circumstances.

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Polling stations close at 6 p.m. and results can be known late into the night, as well as the effects of Chavismo’s maneuvering to repeat the election to win whatever it takes.

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