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eBay Janos’ powerful speech about his salary on Twitch

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a few days ago big salaries which banners receive from Twitch, How do AuronPlayRubeus ebay janusAfter the massive penetration of the platform, the latter sent a message to millions of his followers who are seeking to enter the world of live broadcasting.

Among the data leaked by hack She raised $2.3 million Twitch Since 2019, a fact taken with humor when posting on Twitter What hurts the most is changing his password “GokuNarutoCristianoRonaldo”.

But it wasn’t all a joke and he took advantage of the situation to make A call to reason, because during one of his transmissions he thought of payroll that have been published and how difficult it is to reach this level.

“Don’t get hung up on the numbers we won. It’s not real. AuronPlay There is one and there will be no other. The money you earn is not real. This happens in one out of every billion cases.

plains Focus on making young people see that they are not leaving their studies or working Content Creator, because published salaries are far from most Banners.

“I don’t know why I’m crazy and I’m starting to earn 2,000 pesos Twitch. However, I will continue to work Because until I’m 100% sure of it Twitch i can live, I don’t quit my studies Nor work. He commented on the studies, if I could, finish them off.”

ebay gave an example of tanizin, a bullish streamer on the Turtleland series from Maine Craft, but you never quit your job:work in the morning because It’s mechanical. He adapted to the day but kept going to work. I see a lot of obsession with wanting to be a streamer. thought that the rock streamers in twitch And you are a millionaire. Which is quite a lie, really.”

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