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Determination of the right to abortion in the United States in the Supreme Court | Community

A man demonstrates Monday in front of the US Supreme Court to defend the right to abortion.Roberto Schmidt (AFP)

the right of Abortion in America is in danger After nearly 50 years of being guaranteed by the Constitution. After Donald Trump appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court, that right subsequently fell apart Frequent Trends against him in lower courts and what may be the last as of Wednesday, the date on which the Supreme Court begins examination of the matter. The verdict will still await: until the end of the judicial session, during the last weeks of June, or earlier, if the judges so decided.

So-called defenders of life have been waiting for this moment for decades. Six conservative justices before three progressives (only three women in the establishment and one of whom is a devout Catholic and Orthodox translator of the Constitution) are hearing this Wednesday on allegations that might prevent it or cause it to fall to the dead paper. The famous sentence that in 1973 guaranteed the right to abortion in the United States. The future of abortion access across the country may ultimately depend on the outcome of a lawsuit against the only abortion clinic in Mississippi.

With Dobbs Contra Jackson Women’s Health Organization -The name of the Mississippi clinic- The most important battle for reproductive freedom has been going on for generations. It will also test whether Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett – the conservative justices appointed by Trump – will make good on the former president’s promise to abolish the abortion guarantee. known as roe vs valley, face failure a Jane Roe, the fictitious name of Norma McCorvey, versus Henry Wade, the Dallas County District Attorney, who enforced a law Texas bans abortionExcept to save a woman’s life. During his 2016 campaign, the Republican attracted votes from the religious right by promising to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court willing to overturn the law that made women’s rights history in the 1970s.

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without Roe vs Wade, Countries that wish to do so will be free to prevent all abortions from becoming pregnant. If it is revoked RoRoughly half of the United States will strictly limit and possibly ban abortion, said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, an organization that supports the right to choose.

The issue the Supreme Court must now resolve is a 2018 law, when then-Republican Governor Phil Bryant restricted the right to an abortion by setting a limit on 15 weeks of pregnancy, inconsistent with the constitutional right that guarantees the precedent. To be able to interrupt the pregnancy until the moment when the fetus is viable, i.e. “it is likely to be able to live outside the mother’s womb, without artificial assistance” (which happens around week 24). However, in November 2018, a federal judge overturned the law and another court later ruled in favor of supporting the repeal. He eventually ended up in the Supreme Court.

Nearly 60% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, a number that has remained relatively stable in recent years, according to the Pew Research Center Survey Made this spring. But there are big differences between Republicans and Democrats on this issue. The numbers also confirm that nearly one in four Americans have had their pregnancy legally terminated.

80% of Democrats and Democratic-minded independents say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, but only 35% of Republicans think so, according to a Pew Center poll. And the partisan divide widened: the numbers were 72% and 39%, respectively, in 2016. Religious beliefs also play a significant role: 77% of white evangelicals believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

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In 2021, 90 state laws restricting abortion were enacted, more than in any year since the case was decided. Roe vs Wade, According to the calculations of the Guttmacher Institute, an international organization that advocates for reproductive freedom.

It is also before the highest judicial authority in the country Texas law known as heart rate law Referring to the supposed impulse of the fetus, which prevents miscarriage from the sixth week, when most women still do not know that they are pregnant. Texas law is designed to bypass a potential blockade of federal courts by delegating law enforcement responsibility to the ordinary citizen rather than to state authorities, who are often the defendants in lawsuits seeking to rein in unconstitutional regulations. supreme hearing Arguments about Texas law October 31 last.

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