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Data that will bring LeBron James closer and closer to retirement from the NBA


In the 2021-22 NBA season, LeBron James was absent from the Los Angeles Lakers game again, and the truth would have made his retirement closer and closer.

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers player
© Andy Lyons / Getty ImagesLeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers player

When it seemed LeBron James The exception to the time-lapse rule would be because the older the liquor the better it turns out A fact that will make the “King”‘s retirement from the NBA closer and closer Based on Los Angeles Lakers.

In the Lakers’ first 23 games of the 2021-22 season, LeBron missed 12 games due to injury, was sent off and The coronavirus infection he contracted before the game against the Sacramento Kings Tuesday 30 November.

The news that LeBron James has tested positive for covid-19 has hardly been released, data from StatMuse, a portal specializing in statistics from NBAI showed The number of games James missed in his first 15 seasons I respected the total absentee parties in the past four seasons. The comparison is great!

One of the main characteristics of LeBron James It is athletics that prompted him to stay for 19 seasons in the NBA, but despite the health ‘the king’, the data revealed that the withdrawal will be closer and closer. Alarms go off at the Los Angeles Lakers.

Data that will bring LeBron James closer and closer to retirement from the NBA

LeBron James has missed 71 games in his first 15 seasons in the NBA according to the StatMuse portal, but time is starting to have consequences and in the last four seasons the Los Angeles Lakers star has already added him. Same number of missed matches: 71 and counting. Retirement approaching?

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