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Crawford Never Fails: Finish Porter in 10 Rounds

So says the Spanish proverb: “Everything has a first.” Sean Porter never lost before the max, until Terrence Crawford came his way on Saturday. WBO Welterweight Champion Porter finished after ten rounds. The belt continues to be owned by the same owner. Bud keeps his wand and the mic challenge continues. “Errol Spence watching my fight? If he says he will never come…’, before repeating that he would like to fight for the future.

from the future Crawford had to suffer.. Or at least he felt uncomfortable. At welterweight, he didn’t have opponents that struggled too much, and Porter made it clear what a champ is. He went straight to communicate directly and wanted to take control of the suit. The clash of styles at that moment was pretty good. The Aspirant went all in on the lead and the Champion was dedicated to moving, hitting and leaving. Everything is very easy on paper. Little by little the attacks were passing and equality was maximum. Terence, despite all the factors, had a clear roadmapHe admitted, “I was moving to generate holes and I chased after him.”

The fact is that the hero knew how to take the potion better. Porter’s initial momentum affected him, once the sixth round passed, and Crawford began to grow. Little by little he added more fittings and often tied hands. Before that, terence knew he was human. Not remembered for cutting like the one he had or fitting many hands due to mistakes when covering up. In the 10th round, Crawford hit Porter with a crochet and a rising cap. He went to Earth and remained a scientist. The “Bud” smelled great and went to KO. With another blast, in the same round, it sent him to the ground and although the fighter was trying really hard to keep going, his father and coach said enough. Sean complained until he saw that his father had given the order. He didn’t have to say more than that. The fighting ended there. Terrence Crawford also got rid of a competitor and fought a tough fight. He passed the exam and I challenge it’s clear: He wants to unite against Crawford.

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