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Controversy over Daniel Ortega’s photos celebrating religious traditions

series of Pictures It was revealed on December 8, 2021 in Nicaragua, at any President Daniel Ortega Celebrating traditionhustle, aroused controversy, because of the special way of doing it, and the dress of the president, similar to that used by the late head of state of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

According to official media and those related to the government of Nicaragua, Ortega and his family celebrated the traditional “Gritería” on the night of December 7, in honor of the memory of Immaculate cordHowever, in pictures only President so is familyUnlike the crowd that characterizes this 164-year-old tradition.

according to catholic tradition, Nicaraguans celebrate mixed ‘Gritería’, without distinguishing social positions or political colours, even without regard to religious beliefs.

While some come out in Streets a to sing In front of any picture of Concepción de Maria they find on their way, replica owners hand out sweets and food, and roles take place as the night progresses, translating into a celebration of “rivers” along the paths.

criticism and defense

The Interactions The number of Nicaraguans on social media jumped almost immediately. while the detractors De Ortega criticized the scene from his followers Sandinista clap.

“The beauty of the tradition of La Purísima and La Gritería is that it is about sharing, in many houses in Nicaragua, even the humble house, it shares what little it has, and it is remarkable that Ortega ‘famiglia’ privatized this tradition as everything remained among them”, One of Ortega’s critics, who identified himself as “The Pavo”, commented on Twitter.

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He added, “It is very surprising that since the Ortagus family prides itself on being of ‘proletarian and socialist’ origin, they do not share La Purísima with the families of their employees, who must be many.”

The Followers from Ortega, saved since Facebook and Twitter removed thousands of fake sandinista accounts Last November, they returned and posted the photos, with the official message: “Captain Daniel Ortega and fellow Vice President Rosario Murillo, celebrate with their family the traditional ‘Gretía’, in honor of Maria the Immaculate Conception.”

Castro style

Compare others clothes Ortega with his late Cuban ally, Fidel Castro, who was seen in his later years with Adidas jackets.

Veteran journalist and feminist activist Sofia Montenegro said: “They actually wore an Adidas sweatshirt as their pajamas. clothes From the leader of the Sandinistas, and in elections Last November, it extended its mandate, which began in 2007, by five years.

The unofficial media, such as the Confidencial, also featured Ortega’s clothing and apparel appearance Almost a month after I celebrated it Re-electionWhen the so-called “political prisoners” were called “sons of whores of imperialism”, including seven opponents Those who announced their desire to run for the presidency in the recent elections.

Ortega has faced part of the Nicaraguan population since mass demonstrations The year 2018, which was reversed by armed attacks that left at least 355 people dead, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), in addition to a marked social and political crisis.

The calamity from Nicaragua worsened in 2020 with management pandemic by Ortega, and exacerbated with elections whose legitimacy was rejected by the Organization of American States, the European Union and the United States.

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