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Congressional Committee Votes to Begin Exploit Trial of Steve Bannon for Failure to Attend Subpoena | Univision Politics News

US House of Representatives Committee What does it achieve? Assault on the Capitol On January 6, he voted unanimously to formally launch the process of bringing the former Trump adviser into a “criminal contempt” case, Steve Bannon For his refusal to testify so far.

It is scheduled this week Entire House of Representatives vote, which will then be sent to Department of Justice.

In a 26-page documentHouse of Representatives Committee Presenting his case against Bannon. “Our goal is simple, we want Mr. Bannon to answer our questions,” the panel said Tuesday afternoon.

“It is a shame that we have put Mr. Bannon in this position. But we will not take ‘no’ as an answer. We believe he has relevant information.” for our research The head of the committee explained, that we will use the tools we have to obtain that information, Benny Thompson.

The commission summoned Bannon on several occasions but refused to make the same argument. That Trump referred to other alliesAnd “Executive Franchise”, A rule that protects former presidents about the public use of information, decisions, conversations, documents, and other data with which the White House deals. The former president gave It’s not to cooperate With the investigation led by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

With this step, the commission is trying to force both Bannon’s testimony and Send a message to other former Trump collaborators Which, like him, considers trying to avoid her appearance if she is called.

“First, all documents and testimony required in the summons relate in practice to Mr Bannon’s conduct as a private citizen and cover a wide range of subjects. which is not covered Executive Franchise‘,” the legislator noted.

He added: “Even if your client was a senior advisor to the President of the Republic during the period covered by the required testimony, and this is not the case, the law does not allow him the kind of immunity you suggest Trump has asked him to claim.”

What Congress wants Bannon to say about the robbery on Capitol Hill

The documents listed also contain the information the commission wants Bannon to provide: Your role in planning the January 6 demonstrations Coordination with others of the above. cash battle, who was then Chief of Staff and Acting Minister of Defense Christopher Miller.

Lawmakers also want to know If Bannon discusses elections with far-right groups, How do proud boys and the Oath Keepers, as well as other prominent figures in the conspiracy theories that led to the attack on the Capitol.

What happens to Bannon and other Trump-aligned witnesses is a more important key then Trump will sue the committee this Tuesday In an attempt to prevent the investigation from gaining access to its government records kept in the National Archives.

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