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Columbia University decides that the Speaker of the House of Representatives stole her thesis

The University of Externado de Colombia decided this Tuesday that House Speaker, Democratic Center congresswoman Jennifer Arias, had stolen her final MA thesis in Government and Public Policy.

The university submitted the text of the letter to a computer tool for plagiarism detection, a process that resulted in a large number of coincidences with sources or documents published online by authors other than Arias and Largo – the latter being Lady Largo, co-author of the letter and current coordinator of the House Oversight Office – “.

Given these results, according to Radio Caracol, the university hired an expert to clarify possible plagiarism, who decided, after a month of investigations, that “it turned out that the elements necessary for the existence of a copyright infringement, consisting of a reproduction or a copy of the original and protected elements of the above-mentioned works ” .

The expert continued: “The amount of texts reproduced verbatim or deliberately paraphrased is evident, as a simple reading is sufficient to infer the way in which these parts have reached the work of the degree being analyzed,” noting that “the only possible explanation for the matches found is the presence of a copy or copy infringing Copyrights “.

The university has specified that it will ask the State Council to revoke the issued addresses and send “relevant documents” to the Assize Chamber of the High Court of Justice and to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. However, the educational institution currently lacks the competence to carry out disciplinary action or revoke certificates issued.

Arias reiterated this Tuesday that he did not plagiarize his final degree project. “Always calmly acting in accordance with the precepts of the law, I show that I have not committed any plagiarism,” he noted through his account on the social network Twitter, where he asked the University of Externado to “comply with due process of law.” “And it allows you to ‘exercise the right to contradict.’ ‘The judicial authorities will clarify these facts,'” she slashed. Meanwhile, Congress called for the president’s resignation.

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