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Chocolate MC arrested in Orlando, Florida

Cuban reggae player Josephanes Arismin Sierra Hernandez, better known by his stage name Chocolate MC, was arrested on Friday by police in Orlando, Florida, less than Two months after his release from prison,.

Chocolate was arrested because of a Serious domestic strangulation crime And Aggravated assault with bodily harmAccording to the Orange County arrest file.

Chocolate MC / Orange County Hold Sheet

So far, it is not known if the king of delivery workers has been arrested because of the pending charges against him by his ex-partner Cynthia Curtis, or if they are new crimes.

Chocolat has been in prison since last June when he voluntarily surrendered to the authorities, after a complaint of assault by a woman named Nelly Herrera, who confirmed to the police that she had received a blow from the artist during a quarrel between him and Abaco V. Martini Club Bar.

Through a phone call from prison with his manager, Chocolat asserted that the woman’s complaint was a trap for trying to sleep with him, and that the reason he would have to spend time in prison was an arrest warrant against him for not attending. In court in Houston to pursue a pending issue.

At the beginning of September, the translator of “Hasta la cajita” was released and he confirmed that he was more focused than ever on his music and his career. A few days after his release from prison, he The second part of Baganda and gave Several previews of new features which he was about to launch.

Screenshot / MC Chocolate Instagram Stories

However, the King of the Cast said in his latest Instagram Stories that after the release of the new songs he will be away “for a long time from music”, because he felt “overwhelmed by this world of music”.

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