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Checo Pérez will start ninth in Sochi at the Russian Grand Prix

Checo Pérez and Mercedes surprised Norris, Sainz and Russell among others

Mexican Formula 1 driver Checo Pérez fails to defend Red Bull in World Cup qualifiers Russian Grand Prix Having finished ninth in the standings, he will start Sunday from the fifth grade. Note: Check every F1 for Star+.

Checo Pérez went from high to low over the three sessions and achieved his best performance when the track was wet. With the medium tire, Guadalajara gave the Milton Keynes a dream when they finished third with a time of 1:46,455, trailing Lewis Hamilton Mercedes and Valtteri Bottas.

In the second session, Checo Pérez did well again, finishing fifth and passing the round without setbacks.

The Mexican didn’t shine, but he wasn’t even close to the elimination zone either. At his end he finished at 1:45,834. Just behind Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso, who surprised with his good performance on the last lap.

The man from Guadalajara has reached the third quarter with a commitment to defending the Austrian national team ever since Max Verstappen is disallowed from the penalty spot, but he did not succeed in pleasing himself, for he had never succeeded in placing himself among the higher positions.

In the past five minutes the track had improved its conditions, so everyone chose to go out with the soft compound, an act that ended up hurting Checo, as he couldn’t improve his time. Checo crossed the finish line in fifth with 1:45.337, but as the seconds ticked away and the other riders improved, he pulled out of the boxes.

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In the end the top three gave the bell, as the first place went to Lando Norris of McLarenIn second place Ferrari will start with Carlos Sainz and in third place the humble Williams got from George Russell, who is gaining confidence for 2022 when he is the new Mercedes driver.

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