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Checo Pérez finished third in the United States Grand Prix

Czech Perez with flourishing United States Grand Prix At the end of third place, in a fine performance by Guadalajara after what had been done all weekend at the Circuit of the Americas, he accompanied him on the podium to Max Verstappen, who won After a fierce fight against Lewis HamiltoN, who took second place.

From the first round Czech Perez He did well, with a perfect start, even forgiving his partner Max Verstappen Which, defending in the first corner against Hamilton’s attack, was about to be in third, but the man from Guadalajara gave his teammate space to stay in second and from there start the teamwork against the world champion.

Czech Perez He let Verstappen get away to fight Hamilton and from third he found his own rhythm without being hit by Charles Leclerc and caring for his middle tyres.

Czech Perez He pitted for the first time on lap 13 and returned to the track in third place on the medium compound. Without setbacks, the Mexican had a steady career, problems. until the The only downside was the fluid loss of water and its rather slow stop (the first, the second was flawless).

Throughout the turns Czech Perez He worked with his team and went second, but thought about taking advantage Max Verstappen He allowed the Dutch to pass without problems to retake the position and attack directly Hamilton. After 30 laps, the Mexican entered the pits again to put the hard boat and with him to the finish, staying steady in third and seeing how Charles Leclerc He’s 12sec off to 7, but he’s still far from catching up with the Red Bull driver.

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Checo finished his last lap without problems and with her managed to climb to the second podium in a row, the fourth of the season, and with it, he fully entered the fight for third place in the World Drivers’ Championship.

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