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Cheché Hernández spoke about the Cali vs Tolima final, brought them out and talked about his favourite | Colombian football | League Pet Play

Deportivo will host Cali Tolima on Sunday (6:00 pm) in the first game of the BetPlay II-2021 League Final, a series that, despite its conservative expectation, comes at an unbeatable moment for the cast led by Rafael Dudamel. .

Jose Eugenio ‘Cheché’ Hernández, technical champion with Cali in 1998 and Libertadores Cup runner-up in 1999, is in the capital of Valle del Cauca to enjoy the game and end of the year after being associated as a coach at Ambato Technical University in Ecuador.

For him, being a key to the couple, as is hardly evident, “Cheché” is in keeping with the club of his loved ones, realizing the difficulty the rival holds. Hernandez also led Tolima with a short pass for two months until August 2017, the date on which he left due to disagreements with Gabriel Camargo. Regarding the last series of the league, he told FUTBOLRED “It’s a brave and difficult final, a beautiful final to play, wait and see, in predictions you have to be careful, but I like Kali very much because they did it very well.”

And about the arrival of Alfredo Arias in Dudamel, he said that “the change was quite evident”. Going back to the final, he said that Kale “you have to be very smart to face Tolima, which is a very tactical, applied team, who knows what they’re doing, you have to use your head a lot, not get carried away by emotion.”

Regarding the way closed teams play like ‘vinotinto y oro’, he noted, ‘You have to spin the ball wide, you have to be fast, kick from middle distance, one against one benefit, one against one, take advantage, find the speed. From the sides, if it’s closed from the inside, attack from the outside, attack from the inside if it’s closed from the outside. Look at the different forms of what Tolima can offer, you have to be patient and strong, games like this end have that characteristic.”

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On the absence of Juan Fernando Caicedo and the possible appearance of Ramirez in attack.

“You have to be very smart, the team is very organized, the level of players is increasing, the team individually and collectively has developed, won a lot, is more collective, more supportive, more compact.”

Regarding what Teófilo Gutiérrez contributes to the team, he emphasized that “leading, managing play times, reading the game, filling in the blanks left. What more could one ask for?” Teó has it all.

Similarly, he stated about the Ambato University technician: “They want me to continue, but I look at everything, they were very happy with me, but they want to count on me, but I want to change. Some coaches congratulated me, and I am looking for options for other teams.”

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