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Canceled flights and massive purchases: Thousands on alert ahead of dangerous winter storm in Northeast US | Univision Meteorological News

million of Population of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States get ready for severe winter storm Which is expected to bring heavy snow and strong winds. It started in different parts on Friday night and will continue on Saturday.

Snow began falling Friday night in parts of the Carolinas and the Appalachian region.

The system will then intensify as a storm in the northeast and bring Snow conditions from the East Coast to New EnglandForecasters warned of snow totals of up to 51 cm (20 in) and winds of 50 to 60 mph (80 km/h to 96 km/h).

In total, more than 75 million Americans are under some level of winter weather alert as of Friday afternoon, including the Chicago metropolitan area.

State of emergency in different states

On Friday, local authorities rushed to announce State of emergency and parking ban, warning that the winds blowing snow may make it almost impossible to get out.

In Virginia, where a snowstorm blew earlier this month Hundreds of motorists are stranded Along a major interstate highway for hours, Governor Glenn Yongkin declared a state of emergency, saying authorities were already beginning to identify resources in anticipation of fallen trees, power outages and major travel shocks.

The state’s east coast has faced potential blizzard conditions that can bring winds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h), Up to a foot of wet heavy snow And maybe tidal floods.

A snow emergency will go into effect in Boston at 9 p.m., as parking will be prohibited on major city streets. The city has not seen a single A storm that leaves more than two feet of snow during January. Axios reports that if the amounts exceed 28 inches, which is possible, it will become the largest snow event recorded in the city.

Similar snowfall forecasts were expected on the coast as far as the Philadelphia and New York areas, where coastal communities from the Jersey shore to the outskirts of Long Island and southeastern Connecticut are likely to see heavy snowfall and stronger winds.

In Rhode Island, under a blizzard warning, state officials mobilized More than 500 snowplows Governor Daniel Mackey canceled a planned trip to Washington, DC

Thousands of flights and massive grocery shopping have been cancelled

By noon on Friday, airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights in the US And that’s it They canceled about 2500 that were scheduled for Saturday, According to FlightAware tracking service.

The airports most affected were those that Chicago, city ​​area New York and Boston.

In New England, where isolated bands of snow can sink nearly 3 feet (1 meter) in some locations, precautionary shopping for bread, eggs, milk and other groceries was under way Friday.

Merrick McCormack, 51, of Cranston, Rhode Island, among the hundreds who filled a supermarket Shaw in nearby Warwick for last minute shopping.

Regional department store giant Stop & Shop has appealed to customers to exercise restraint, warning that staffing and logistical problems caused by the global pandemic will lead to empty shelves and longer checkout lines.

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“We are asking shoppers to buy what they need and provide some for their neighbors,” a Quincy, Massachusetts supermarket chain said in a statement. “Business and supply chain challenges as a result of COVID-19 have made product availability more challenging than usual.”

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