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Boston explodes in five hours equal to ALDS

St. Petersburg, Florida – St. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) – JD Martinez wasn’t sure if he could run, but thought his recent left ankle sprain wouldn’t get him too much trouble Friday in the hitting box.

Fortunately for him, there was plenty of time for the Red Sox to clean up the bases all night long.

Martinez broke a three-run tie with Homer on his return to the line-up, and Boston beat the Tampa Bay Rays 14-6 to tie the AL Division Series with one win each.

The third game of the 5-5 series will take place on Sunday in Boston.

The Red Sox backed a solid relief from Tanner Hook with five home runs, a post-season franchise record.

Puerto Rican Kiki Hernandez contributed five of Boston’s 20 songs, including a home run and three duets. He became Boston’s first player with four additional key strokes in a post-season game.

Xander Bogarts, Mexican Alex Verdugo and Rafael Devers also made a call to Boston, who rallied and ended up crushing after Chris Sall grabbed a Grand Slam from Jordan Loblok in the first half.

Sale was discontinued after only three acquisitions.

“Obviously we had to make adjustments. “Tanner arrived and did a great job,” said Alex Cora, manager of the Red Sox. “But in attack, our attitude was to say, ‘Don’t panic.'” We scored two goals in the first half and we still have eight games to go. They all did a great job all night long.”

“He’s definitely a very important part of this squad, and today he explained why,” Rays’ Mike Zunino said of Martinez. “He came in after an injury, which is not easy, and he had big fits all day. I take off my hat.”

Hawk (1-0) kept Boston in the match after rocking Sale with five concussions in the first half. The rising right-hander came off the field to start the second half and allowed one and two hit runs in five innings.

He retired the first 11 of his opponents before allowing Dominican Wonder Franco to one song with two wins in the fifth inning.

Ji-Man Choi came on as a defensive substitute for Luplow and hit the other allowable hit to Hawk, a homer single with two in the sixth inning. Hook hit five.

Martinez suffered four strokes after missing Tuesday’s game, the win over the New York Yankees, as well as the match that kicked off the American League series, due to a left ankle sprain.

He was injured when he tripped on second base on the field during the last game of the regular season in Washington.

“I felt a good beating,” he said. “Not a lot of running, but with the bat.”

For the Red Sox, Puerto Rican Hernandez scored 6-5 with three runs and three RBIs, Cristian Vazquez 5-3 with one goal and two RBIs The Dominicans Devers 4-1 with two runs scored two RBIs Danny Santana without an official in turn but with one explanation . Mexican Ferdugo scored 5-3 with two games and scored two goals.

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For Reyes, Cuban Randy Arrosarina 4-1 in one inning, Yandy Diaz 4-1 with a run and an RBI record. Dominican Franco 5-2 with one goal, Nelson Cruz 3-1 with one goal, Manuel Margo 3-0, Francisco Mejia 3-0.

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