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“Bokele lost the diaspora in the United States because he betrayed them,” says Robin Zamora.

The former ambassador to El Salvador in Washington, Ruben Zamora, believes that President Najib Bukele has lost the support of Salvadorans living in the United States, even faster than it is here in the country.

“It’s kind of like an extension and it’s particularly important because Bukele in general has been managing that he’s controlling the diaspora there in the United States, which is really wrong, he’s been controlling it for over a year and a year and a half and he’s been losing enough that he betrayed them.”

This is how diplomatic expert Robin Zamora reacted when he learned that a group of businessmen from the Washington, D.C., and New Jersey region met this Wednesday with Ricardo Zuniga, White House special envoy for the Northern Triangle, to ask him, among other things. More stern action against the undemocratic actions of President Neb Bukele.

Zamora explained that these initiatives by citizens are similar to those promoted by civil society in the country. “The same thing we are trying to do here, from the point of view of the opposition civil society, that is to focus on all the problems, here should be bitcoin and other things, but the central idea is always to respect democratic institutions,” the expert said this morning.

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In this sense, the former ambassador emphasized: “And there in the United States they know what their promotion is, because President Biden is proposing to support all jobs in our countries, but in exchange for all three things. Stop corruption and respect democratic institutions and human rights.”

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In addition, he investigated why Bukele “betrayed” the diaspora: “He offered these people that at least 60% of the leaders of the Nueva Ideas would be their own, and in the end betrayed them because he warned them of the agreement two or three days before nothing more and gave them only a position less important,” he noted.

Zamora did not hesitate to point out that President Najib Bukele is losing the support of the Salvadorans. “(Bockele) was losing things like here at the time, but maybe there (the United States) faster,” he stressed.

Finally, the analyst pointed out that the three conditions set by the United States are not conditions but rather the obligations of the rulers of all states proposed by the Constitution. He concluded by saying: “They simply abide by the constitution so as not to steal and respect the institutional and that is why Bukele can not get along with the Democrats.”

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