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Big Storm on the East Coast of the United States: News and Forecasts

Long Island leaders say the Northeast has had limited effects so far

Long Island leaders in New York have reported limited effects from the Northeast so far.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said Tuesday she is monitoring the northeast, but does not expect the storm’s effects to be on the same scale and devastating as Tropical Storm Ida.

“It’s always better to be more prepared…and we always want to be one step ahead,” Curran said.

Curran said there have already been a few dozen blackouts in Nassau County. The rain and wind will continue until tomorrow morning, and they said they are “looking for fallen trees, fallen branches and power lines.”

At least 16 car accidents have already occurred in Nassau County. Curran urged everyone to drive with caution and warned people to be careful of flooding that could occur due to high tide in the afternoon.

Curran said doctors and the police department would be on standby to help anyone in distress.

Meanwhile, Suffolk County leaders are following in New York’s footsteps in issuing an emergency declaration as they expect worse winds that could cause widespread power outages, fallen cables and trees, and highway problems.

Acting Police Commissioner Stuart Cameron said the storm had had a limited impact of rain so far that county officials and crews could handle.

However, heavy rain and high winds could lead to deteriorating driving conditions and widespread power loss as winds are likely to rise tonight, according to County Executive Stephen Bellon.

“There’s a storm that generates heavy rain and strong winds, which of course poses major challenges,” Belloni said.

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Cameron said the rain was strong enough to obscure the drivers’ view. The county had 23 auto accidents between midnight and 11:15 a.m. ET.

CNN’s Kelly Krist contributed to this report.

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