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America with defensive failures and other reasons for defeat against Pumas in Legila

Alain Mouzu took advantage of America’s defensive weakness and opened the way to eliminate the leader and lead Macron to the semi-finals

Pumas gave the bell and removed America In the quarter-finals of Apertura 2021. Team UNAM won 1-3 with a double from Washington Corozo and another from Meritao. However, the number was Alan Muzo, who discovered the weak point of Team Solari and helped achieve all three goals.

The Left is America’s Weakness Exploited by Alan Muzo

The three goals of Pumas There is one thing in common: they were born on the right wing Pumas of socks Alan Muzo. That area of ​​the pitch was defended by Salvador Reyes and Mauro Linez, but neither of them could counter the league’s team’s offensive plays.

in the first half, Alan Muzo A cross for Washington Coruso two goals, the first at 29′ and the second at 42′. During the supplemental part, the winger took damage again, from the right wing sent a pass to Meritao to finish the duel at 82′, with 1-3.

The Mozo-Corozo duo was the key to the Pumas

Washington Coruso had the first half of bipolar disorder. The Ecuadorean forgave Guillermo Ochoa twice, when the score was 1-0, on the 13th and 24th. However, he played a key role in achieving the next two goals as well. Alan Muzo.

Mexican side of Pumas Both stages started from the right wing. In the first, at 29 minutes, he eluded Mauro Linez and sent a cross, Washington Coruso hit him, but he ended up in the nets. In second place from Alan Muzo, at 42 minutes, “Manchita” made a strong head-to-head contact to flip the scoreboard.

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Henry Martin missed 2-0

In a long ball, Bomba managed to slip between Nicolas Freire and Arturo Ortiz, the college defenders who couldn’t cut the ball, which got into Henry Martin’s boot. However, the striker could not determine before the loss of Alfredo Talavera, who managed to cover the shot with his left arm.

“Non-existent penalty” opens the match scoreboard

The first goal of the match came from a controversial penalty kick. The play began with the ball being lost by Arturo Ortiz in midfield to Roger Martinez, who went into the opponent’s area where he faced Eric Lira, but ended up falling, an action that was punished as a foul. However, Felipe Ramos Rizzo saw otherwise: a criminal who does not exist for the good of America.

Dinenno double post

With the score 1-0, Juan Dinino had two chances that ended with the crossbar. In a corner kick, in the 18th minute, the Argentine striker advanced, but hit the crossbar. The ball fell again in the ‘9’ area of Pumas, who got up to hit the metal again with his head.

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