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Alejandra Espinosa denounces the negligence of the neurologist and talks about her health | Famous

Alejandra Espinosa recounted the difficult situation she faced a few days ago when she was admitted to Miami Hospital, Because the neurologist who treated her gave her a misdiagnosis Thinking I could suffer multiple sclerosis, something that was completely far from reality, according to Nuestra Belleza Latina presenter on her podcast Among the Sisters.

It was October 6 when her husband, Anibal Marrero, confirmed That mexican hospitalized Maybe “brain attack”. But on October 9, the former beauty queen dispelled doubts in the new episode of her podcast, titled What I’ve Lived: Those Hospital Days Were So Strong.

It all started when her husband Anibal realized it Only part of her face was smiling “The other was completely serious,” he said, but the presenter did not give it importance because he was not in pain. Fear came when it started Loss of vision in the right eye. When he got to the emergency room, they told him it might be a stroke.

Espinosa had a bad hospital experience, because the doctor who treated her gave her a wrong diagnosis: “The fact was that I met a really bad doctorThat was the reality,” he said in the podcast.

to host Our Latin Beauty They did a series of tests, but the specialist’s decisions were supposedly wrong: “He was a bad neurologist because he started treating me as if he had given me epilepsy attackThe first diagnosis they gave him was possible multiple sclerosis “I think that’s where things are going,” were the words the doctor said to him.

Alejandra had a hard time when she was living with uncertainty about her health: “Exactly, all this doctor did It was negligentHe said frankly in “Between Sisters”.

“No one knows how to tell me anything, all the tests are fine, what he said to me: ‘This is where things are,’ it was worse, Nothing was positive, everything was negative. I had no pain, no discomfort, and what made me so bad was the medication. It’s been a very tough week, but simply because of what I’ve come across, not because I’ve been in bad shape.”

Alejandra searched for a Second medical opinion This made her calmer, as her fears faded.

“I had a silent migraine”It is to explain. “I didn’t feel any pain, however, migraines can turn into something very serious, and my migraines made me feel sick, made me suffer from Paralysis for two days. It wasn’t an ordinary migraine, there are a lot of people who get it.”

The Univision presenter asked her followers to pay attention to any pain they might have. “One cannot take it too seriously, one must even be aware of the headache. What is abnormal for your body should be taken care of sincerely.”


The hardest part of your experience

In addition to the uncertainty of not knowing what he had, seeing the anxiety of his loved ones was one of the hardest things he went through in the hospital.

“The worst moments This was what I was having, seeing them (their parents), talking to them, and what I knew was going through their heads, not being able to be with Mathieu, seeing Anibal’s face, I felt super helpless.”

Alejandra is currently recovering from a migraine attack, but one study showed that she had Thyroid nodules, for which you will have to undergo further tests to treat it.

“When they do tests on me at the hospital, they find that I have a thyroid nodule, I have to go get it checked. This has nothing to do with what happened to me, but I also have to go for a thyroid check,” he explained.

“Everything that happens to us in life is a lesson for what we have to do, for me what happened to me, frankly, the lesson you left for me is that the most important thing will always be my familyHe said in the podcast.

“I’m fine honestly I’m calm“I am very happy to be here at home, happy that I can now return to my normal life and I am happy to have my father here,” she concluded.

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