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Aldo Rocha’s celebration unleashes a battle between Atlas vs. Chivas expelled “Chicot” Calderon

Aldo Rocha celebrated his goal in front of the Chivas bar, which upset the players; Chan Torres received a slap from Christian Calderon

Christian “Checot” Calderon The protagonist was ephemeral from Classic Tapatio. Midfielder chivas He was kicked out for attacking an opponent of atlasAfter the celebration Aldo Rocha By scoring a Panenka penalty kick.

The Clasico Tapatio saw intense minutes and it all started with Hiram Mir’s dismissal. Later, he scored a penalty kick for Atlas, after Luis Olivas knocked Julian Quinones in the area with a corner kick. The Chivas defender reached out to the striker’s red-black ankle and Guerrero did not hesitate to score the maximum penalty kick, which Aldo Rocha benefited from.

In the celebration of the Roggingros, fury erupted, the same as being expelled Christian “Checot” Calderon To fight with Quinones himself. Flock player is ejected directly for attacking a ram atlas.

Chicot Calderon He drew attention before the meeting because of the look he gave, with his pink hair, a style he had used before when he arrived at chivas At the start of the Clausura Championship 2020.

In “Bofo” style, the Calderon “Chicoot” He emulated the former Guadalajara idol by introducing a new style in his hair dye, something Bautista regularly performed at important meetings during his time with the Rojiblanco team.

Calderon Do something similar already at first with chivas, after his Copa MX Championship rematch, against Dorados, presented a silver tint with ‘trensa’ all over his hair, the look with which he scored his second goal since arriving with Guadalajara.

For his part, ‘Bofo’ Bautista started his time with Guadalajara with the traditional look of a shaved head, after which he put some dye in his hair, in white, and in some games the Rojiblanco colours.

Likewise, one of the most distinctive looks was to apply the dye to the usual edges of the hair, as well as to place the traditional emblem of the hair. chivas in the head.

Likewise, he appeared in one match and had his nickname “Bofo” circled over his head, as in another match with the Baptist he appeared with the same 100 that he used on his shirt number.

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