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Advance variable omicron in the world

New York’s mayor said 179,000 residents received a booster dose in the past week

179,000 New York City residents have received a booster dose of COVID-19 since Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his stimulus vaccination program last week, raising the total number of New York City residents. The mayor said at a press conference Monday that 1.9 million have been vaccinated.

“We launched that mandate when Omicron was approaching, but we had no idea it was going to be so intense,” the mayor said. “We knew that with the arrival of the omicron, with the cold weather, it was time to do more, because thank God we did because these mandates were absolutely necessary to keep this city going.”

De Blasio said there were 296 hospitalizations for COVID-19 across the city on Monday and that number rose sharply, as did the confirmed level of positivity, 7.96%, which the mayor called skewed.

But he added, the city’s hospitals are “operating extraordinarily. We have real challenges, but what is amazing is how different the Omicron experience is even compared to last winter, not to mention spring 2020.”

With 17,334 cases of COVID-19 reported on Monday, the mayor said he believes the number of positive cases “will peak very soon.”

As of Monday, all private sector employers, about 184,000 businesses, are required to have a mandate to vaccinate against COVID in their businesses. When asked if companies are vulnerable to random checks, de Blasio said they should wait for inspections.

“But again, with an attitude of ‘let’s make sure things work for everyone’s health and safety. “We’re not trying to say ‘I got you’, we’re trying to make sure we move on,” he said.

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“This is a multi-agency inspection force, and it’s very similar to the way we do engagement and then enforcement related to Key to NYC as well,” said New York City Department of Health Commissioner Dave Chukchi.

“We try to work with businesses and business owners so everyone can comply with the regulations for the simple reason that vaccination is good for business — it helps us keep our economy open and running, and it helps keep employees and all New Yorkers healthy and out of the hospital.”

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