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Adamari Lopez will close her circle with Tony Costa dancing in ‘Así Se Baila’

They met by dancing, and thus they would put an end to their decade-long relationship.

Adamari Lopez Querendona of Puerto Rico has confirmed that next Sunday she will be dancing with ex-partner Tony Costa on the dance floor on Telemundo’s reality show Así Se Baila.

“We met up at a dance and it’s a nice way to close our cycle in the same way,” the actress told the show’s host, Jackie Bracamontes.

The presenter of “Hoy Día”, which is broadcast by the same network, also confirmed that this encounter was her idea and that she brought it up with the reality production when she was told that the judges would be part of the dance.

Last Sunday, Christian de la Fuente opened the program with dancing, yesterday Mariana Siwan did the same, and the next day, which will be the semi-finals of the program, it was Puerto Rican’s turn.

Lopez also explained that although it was his idea, he communicated it to Costa and he accepted. Despite their separation as a couple, Adamari and Tony maintained a friendly relationship and revealed it on social networks.

“The doors of my house will always be open for Tony because he is the father of my daughter,” Lopez said again.

At the end of May, Adamari Lopez revealed that she has separated from Tony Costa after 10 years of relationship and that she has a daughter.

“Today I want to share with you a piece of news that is hard to digest, but as I have always done and with my own honesty, I would prefer you to hear it from me. As you well know, I have been focused on leading a healthy lifestyle for some time and it was this stage of thinking that prompted me to take this step in my life. After Nearly 10 years of uniting and enjoying the emergence of our beloved relationship together, I decided to re-evaluate our relationship and take some time to see if we can salvage it.On more than one occasion, life has given me opportunities to continue growing and learning, but above all it has taught me that with persistence, love and patience, I can Always achieving everything. I am absolutely confident that this will not be the exception.”

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