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Adamari Lopez shows it before she looks at “Así se baila” and compliments the rain on her: “You look prettier.”

<em> Instagram Karla B </em> Adamari López in Así se Paella” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTYxOQ–/https://compi/s.u/yimg. /res/1.2/wYGvBdBBKGJTaRf9NpyCWA–~B/aD03OTM7dz0xMjMwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/””) 1.2 / rURtmxTlnJprvBYOI4MLMw – / YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTYxOQ – / https: //–~B/aD03OTM7dz0xMjMwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/https: // 28d9c3d78de8501182b06f5c40c1bda2″/></div>
<p><figcaption class=Instagram Carla B Adamari López in Así se baila

Adamari Lopez She manages to surprise the audience every week with the look she’s wearing as a judge in a dance competition this is how you dance (Telemundo) And this Sunday was no exception.

Once again, the charismatic Puerto Rican presenter caught a glimpse as she wore a tight red dress that she complemented with makeup and hairstyle to match for the occasion.

“I really enjoyed the 5th party of this is how you danceThe former actress wrote for hit series like wildcat And Friends and rivals Through his account on Instagram, where he thanked the talented team led by Dr fashion designer Carla Berberberger is responsible for carefully choosing her looks every Sunday so that she looks amazing.

Program co-host Today (Telemundo) To this occasion, he shared a video on the aforementioned social network showing his “before and after” appearance.

<em> Instagram Adamari Lopez </em> Adamari López with make-up” src=”” data-src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE1ODg-/https://com/s. api/res/1.2/1.BemFtoYtMRJBiL5ZAyVw–~B/aD0xOTU3O3c9MTE4MzthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/–/><noscript><img alt= Instagram Adamari Lopez Adamari López with makeup” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE1ODg-/https://s.y/ 1.BemFtoYtMRJBiL5ZAyVw–~B/aD0xOTU3O3c9MTE4MzthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/”6485deas-as”41c>class

Instagram Adamari Lopez Adamari Lopez with makeup

It’s a recording of just a few seconds in which the ex-partner is Tony Costa She is allowed to see her natural makeup without a drop of makeup and after that she is really ready with the hairstyle and makeup she wore on Sunday during the show.

She wrote, “How nice it would be if my makeup and hair could be done so fast!”

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To the amazement of Adamari herself, it was her makeup-free face that stole all the spotlight, leading to endless praise from her unconditional fans.

<em> Instagram Adamari Lopez </em> Adamari López without makeup” src=”” data-src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE1ODk-/https://com/suy. /api/res/1.2/sLi_8K92MXHDSpUXUouTaQ–~B/aD0xOTU3O3c9MTE4MjthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/><noscript><img alt= Instagram Adamari Lopez Adamari López without makeup” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTE1ODk-/ /sLi_8K92MXHDSpUXUouTaQ–~B/aD0xOTU3O3c9MTE4MjthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/” class”>cacafcf61e366de853cb

Instagram Adamari Lopez Adamari Lopez without makeup

One of her followers commented, “You are so beautiful, but look at the blessing you have that you are one of the few women who look more beautiful without makeup.”

Another person said, “Without makeup, you look like a 15-year-old.”

With or without makeup, the truth is that Adamari’s beauty captivates everyone.

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