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Abenader: “Here the police will rise with their performance, not with recommendations”

President Louis Abenader announced that for the first time they would evaluate the performance of each member of the Foundation, and that they would conduct a financial restructuring of the Foundation.

The president announced that they will place technological equipment in the patrol cars where they will monitor sound, speed and trajectory. “The real transformation of the national police begins now,” the president said.

He stressed that “here the policemen will be promoted because of their performance, and not because someone sends them, because a friend sends them,” noting that there was political influence and others in promoting members of the law enforcement body. .

first scale What the President has announced is that the performance of all National Police personnel will be evaluated, by an international company with recognized expertise.

He stressed that it is the first time in the country’s history, to know the police who are working to protect the property and life of every citizen.

second scale is that a specialized committee will be asked to recommend rigor to the administrative-financial restructuring of the National Police budget for 2022.

third: The General Regulations for the Application of Law No. 590-16, Police Statute, will be issued by decree, and we will correct the irresponsibility that has delayed implementation of the law and reform for five years.

We will proceed with the installation of three extensions of the Police Education Institute in the eastern, southern and northern regions. In this way we ensure a high level of professionalism for all police officers. Before they trained in six months and now that will be a year later.

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For the restructuring, Mr. Roberto Santana has been appointed as the coordinator of this restructuring, with the advice of the Colombian and Spanish police.

Until these police education centers are built, a special agreement will be signed with the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, so that retraining and modernization programs for police officers will be taught in their regional centers.

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