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A Venezuelan boy invents a flip-flop business using abandoned tires to help his family | Univision Latin America News

Andres Lopez is a Venezuelan boy, who is 14 years old and in need, who has contracted innovative idea to improve hard Economic situation that his family is going through.

It all started on the day that I lost Coke (Slippers) playing with his friends in the streets of the city of Bolivar, VenezuelaWhere he lives with his family.

In an interview with Univisión Noticias, Andrés recalls that he knew this At home I will not find the money To buy a new pair and that “there was nothing to do”, so he started looking for a way to replace it ASAP.

Then he remembered how he saw his neighbor making his shoes with the help of his grandfather, and immediately, Started searching on the internet To learn how to cut rubber and be able to make a slipper.

I was learning to sew cola (Slipper) With the same “nylon” as the rubber, I was looking for ideas to make it easier to cut the rubber, which is a bit tricky,” he says.

Using the old rubber he got from scrap tires, the young man saved the money that he would have had to buy materials, so he immediately made a I started producing some pairs of sandals to sell it.

His family, his main support

Despite the shortcomings they are experiencing due to the lack of job opportunities, the hyperinflation of the Bolívar and the social problems that Venezuela is currently experiencing, His family supports himsays the young businessman.

“From my mother, brother and grandfather, all help me, They always support me in what I do… Whenever I need something, my family helps me with cola, they take their time, give me ideas and support me in what I do,” said Andres smiling through the video call.

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His mother, seeing her son’s initiative, decided to support him and spent a few dollars to buy the materials he needed to start his small production, which was immediately supported by acquaintances and neighbors who They began to order the first husbands from him.

In recent weeks, Andres has done nothing more than apply what he learned from his grandfather, a Hispanic carpenter.

Andres tells Univision News who – which They spent hours together in the workshopWhich helped him to have enough technique to work with different materials.

“My grandfather was a carpenter, and to make cola is completely manual work, it is all manual work, and they always helped me make cola,” he says, adding that his mother and brother have always been great. Helping your small business that is about to reach 40,000 followers in that Instagram account.

My brother helps me cut rubberMy mom sews the part from the tape and I do everything else.”

At the beginning of his project, Andres I went out to find rubber Of the tires he found lying in the streets, however, the materials were scarce and he had to get them by bartering for his skis.

However, nothing frustrating.

“For children my age, to achieve their dreams, that they never give up, that nothing is impossible, and for parents, they support them a lot,” says the young man who confirms with a smile on his face. When he grows up he wants to be a baseball player.

“I am grateful to God and to all those who sent him messages of love, blessings and support,” she said.

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