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A man has been charged with kidnapping a 4-year-old girl in Australia

(CNN) – Western Australian police have formally charged a 36-year-old man with “forcibly taking a minor under 16” in connection with the disappearance of cleo smith, 4 years old, on October 16.

The man identified by Australian Public Radio as Terence KellyHe will appear in Carnavon Court Thursday afternoon, according to a police statement.

Police found Cleo Smith in the early hours of Wednesday morning in a locked house in Caernarvon, a city in the state of Western Australia, about 45 kilometers from the camp where she appeared to be She was kidnapped about three weeks ago.

They find Cleo Smith alive, the girl who disappeared in Australia 0:55

Police said Cleo was found in a lighted room in the house and woke up playing with toys. The police have not yet interviewed the girl, but specialists came to Carnarvon from Perth to do so.

On Thursday, Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan said he had met Cleo and her family, describing them as “very resilient, given (her plight)”.

“He slept a little and ate a lot, he lay and cuddle a lot,” McGowan said.

Detective Director Wilde said Cleo was also searched at the hospital and is “physically fine”.

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