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A criminal against Chivas divides opinions on social networks; Ramos Rizzo thinks the decision is right

The penalty kick by Guadalajara defender Gilberto Sepulveda generated opinions for and against, although it was a right decision for the ESPN specialist.

Mexico – Puebla The result is equal to chivas After a difficult penalty kick on Guillermo Martinez, by Gilberto Sepulveda. The play stimulated users in social networks to divide opinions.

In the 18th minute of the match between Puebla and Chivas, outside the control of the local team, defender Guadalajara Gilberto Sepulveda ousted Guillermo Martinez on the edge of the region, so the central referee, Marco Antonio Ortiz, imposed a penalty in favor of the entire region.

Felipe Ramos Rizzo confirmed via his Twitter account that referee Marco Antonio Ortiz’s decision was correct, penalizing Gilberto Sepulveda’s violation. chivas On Puebla striker, Guillermo Martinez.

The previous referee confirmed that the error begins outside the area, but ends with its collapse inside the area, and therefore the penalty was correct until the tie was reached. Puebla.

A large section of the crowd considered that regardless of whether the offense was inside or outside the area, it was due to the recklessness of the defender. Guadalajara Who ended up punishing the penalty for PueblaThis is why Gilberto Sepulveda is so criticized.

In addition to the criticism, Gilberto Sepulveda was labeled a reckless after Puebla equalized the score and changed the face of the match, as chivas Benefited from the first minutes with a goal by Isaac Brizuela.

Alvaro Morales was one of the main critics against the action of the flock defender, while David Fittelson posted that the decision was too strict for the whistles.

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