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49 players head to the NFC Final with reaction in the fourth quarter

After a season full of question marks, San Francisco is back on the cusp of the Super Bowl

Green Bay – Los San Francisco 49ers They are not going anywhere.

The same Niners 3-5 year olds heading into a long season full of question marks are now heading to NFC Championship Game For the second time in three seasons.

for REACH there, San Francisco He had to bring out the kind of late game magic that was the hallmark of his late qualification in the playoffs at the end of the season. The result was an exciting 13-10 victory over Green Bay Packers This Saturday night at Lambeau Field.

After a disappointing offensive performance marked by falling passes, protection issues and costly passing deflections, the Niners They assembled the string they needed at the most important moment with the wide receiver Debo Samuel Carry the ball 9 yards for a first down in the third play and 7 at the 38 yard line from Green Bay.

This track prepared the table for scoring a 45-yard field goal from Ruby Gold When time runs out.

For a team that has won eight of their last 10 matches on Saturday, this match may have required the most unpredictable contributions to make it happen.

Buoyed by the dominant defensive performance in which they were not allowed to fall after the first drive of the game, Niners Do something special in special teams to beat Packers In a game where they were behind most of the first three and a half quarters.

With their attack they have difficulty moving the ball, 49ers They finally earned some special teams points that have been consistently criticized in recent weeks as the team’s biggest weakness.

4th and 19th at the 12-yard line Green Bay, the defensive end of the Niners, Jordan Willis, who has a sprained ankle, lunged toward the middle and blocked the kick for Corey Bogorques. The ball rebounded in the air before landing near the rookie’s safety zone Huvanga’s story.

Hovanga Retake it and dash 6 yards to land and an extra point from Gold Tie 10-10 with 4:41 left.

It was the first kick blocked for a touchdown in baseball history. 49ers In the qualifiers and the second I allowed Packers in a. Green Bay They are the first team in at least the last 20 seasons to have earned a penalty kick and a field goal in the same game, according to ESPN Statistics and Information.

This was the biggest private team ever to play one night when it was Niners They also have a field goal blocked by Jimmy Ward’s safety late in the first half and a 45-yard kickoff from Samuel At the beginning of the third quarter.

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